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NEW! Spring 2019 Chrysanthemum  Herbal Tisane

NEW! Spring 2019 Chrysanthemum Herbal Tisane

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Steeping Instructions
3g (1 tsp) 200ml 100°C
Naturally caffeine-free, the Chrysanthemum flower is a known remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has been in its annals for hundreds of years. Chrysanthemum herbal tisane boasts of numerous benefits and is a popular beverage during summertime. A refreshing drink with a lovely sweet aftertaste, it is a hearty beverage to enjoy alone or with friends.
"Ju hua" or Chrysanthemum flower has purported cooling and anti-inflammatory properties and when consumed by persons with the correct constitution, it can alleviate varied conditions including but not limited to respiratory illnesses, fever, osteoporosis and problems concerning the liver, kidney, and spleen.