Lily's Basket Blooming Tea
Lily's Basket Blooming Tea

Lily's Basket Blooming Tea

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Steeping Instructions
1 bloom 400ml 100°C
5-7 mins
5 blooms/pack 
Premium-grade Lily's Basket Blooming Tea is a combination of dehydrated lily and aromatic jasmine flowers skillfully wrapped by hand with green tea buds.  
Origin: Fujian Province  
BENEFITS: Experience the multiple health benefits of green tea, lily and jasmine flowers. The natural components of the Camellia sinensis leaves – catechins, theanine, caffeine and antioxidants – help regulate weight loss, prevent and fight cancer, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases as shown in various medical and scientific research. Lilies are popular in China as having curative effects for people who have difficulty sleeping while jasmine helps harmonize the stomach, regulate the flow of vital energy, nourish the liver, and improve visual acuity.
Additional Steeping Instructions
How to prepare the perfect cup of Lily's Basket Blooming Tea:
1) Like all blooming teas, Lily's Basket Blooming Tea is best enjoyed when prepared in a glass tea pot.  
2) Bring a 400-ml spring or purified water to a rolling boil.
3) Pour the boiling water into the teapot with one (1) blooming tea bud but make sure not to pour directly onto the flower as it might damage the shape.
4) Watch and experience five minutes of magic as the tea unfurls, expands and blooms before your very eyes.
5) It can be re-steeped 2-3 times more. When done, transfer the flower to a glass of cold water as décor for further visual enjoyment. 

Now, hold your cup and enjoy your perfect cup of tea!