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Jinxuan Mao Feng Black Tea

Jinxuan Mao Feng Black Tea

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Steeping Instructions
3g (1 tsp) 200ml  100°C   
2-3 minutes
Jinxuan is a tea variety that is famous in Taiwan and are usually processed into Oolong. Jinxuan Mao Feng Black tea is a fairly new cultivation located at a high altitude in Guandong province. It boasts of a unique aroma and taste unlike anything you had tried in a black tea before. Like any premium quality tea, Guandong Mao Feng Black tea has all that sweet flavors of tea without the astringency.

The intoxicating aroma blends well and complements the subtle flavors of this fully-oxidized tea.  There's a whole treat waiting  in every sip.

Origin: Guandong
BENEFITS: Black teas are fully oxidized and have undergone several processes more than white & green teas.  For this reason, its chemical properties also underwent changes but have not lost the many benefits derived from the Camellia Sinensis leaves.  Black teas have Theaflavin and Thearubigin, powerful antioxidants that can protect the drinker from stresses of the modern life. 
Steeping Time:  Always wash the leaves twice with hot water for a period of about 20 seconds each time to prime the dry leaves.
Note: High quality teas can be steeped for several more times. In the case of black teas, it can be steeped 7-8 more times! Please do not leave the tea leaves steeping in water. Remove it as soon as soon as you have achieved the desired strength to stop the brewing process. Of course, if you like your tea strong, you can steep it longer. Now, hold your cup and enjoy your perfect cup of tea!